It is easy for me to resume all I have done, learned or experienced so far. Talk about my struggles in life or lessons. Visiting the past and write something about it seems appealing yet not inspiring. As where I am right now is much more exciting for me. I realise with this being said I don’t show much of myself. Though when you start reading my writings you will pretty soon get an idea and feeling of how this ‘journey of a wish’ unfolds.

The moment I said yes to this exploration of being, I was taken on this wave and it first of all brought me to Costa Rica. Where I am:

‘Listening to my wishes and let them be my guidance. The journey unfolds and the wish itself can be let go of.’

However this is not new for me. The movement though comes from another space. And that’s where this journey is all about, at least as far as I can see and I am open for more. Exploring and playing with this space and guidance are the essence of my writings. Just because I love to write so I can share what’s flowing through me. Basically the content goes from pratical stuff travel wise, perspectives of the world, energy flowings and movements, creations and interests.Listening together in the global unified consicious group of the work of Shelley Lemaire ( gave me so much more fine tuning and certainty in my gift:

‘I communicate with children and incomings to shine light on their wisdom’.

There are many forms already being created to express myself such as ‘Journey of wisdom’ and the co-created family retreats. Though the very core and focus of my work is the Dolphin session. It became very clear to me that this is not something I do for a while or just a little bit. My gift can only thrive when I dive in these conscious waters fully, dedicated and present.

I’m blessed to listen to the children and incoming souls and support parents on there journey of parenting. The pure and simple communication is filling me with gratitude. They present them self in ways which are different and stunning. The dolphin energy is playful, fluid, fast and light as a feather. The information the children show is straight into the heart and sometimes doesn’t make ‘sense’ but the power behind what they are saying is beyond all I have known so far.

In the past I wrote a book for young adults about following your dreams and exploring yourself. I have travelled and worked mostly southern part of Africa and as we speak am travelling in Central and South America.




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  1. I wish you all the best and a great experience through Costa Rica.
    Be safe and take good care of yourself! Love, Mieke

    1. Ha, Martin! Er groeit hier inderdaad van alles. Maar of het biologisch is? Een ananas is hier overigens net zo duur dan in NL.

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