Wisdom revealed by our children of the world

Almost a year ago one of the little pushes for going on this journey was the following.

By coincidence I saw a contest for international pioneers who are working for a sustainable society, peace and happiness. Not for me was my first thought, since I work with Dutch children. Probably it needed to simmer for a little while. Not for long though because I guess it was the same night where I woke up and knew I had to apply and make the things I do globally. Why stick to only Dutch children? There was only one day left to apply but I just needed a few hours to write a proposal, budget and connect the dots.

 Today, the 16th of December 2015, I am drinking coffee in a cafe and start talking to Richard. He is curious about what I am doing and the initial starting of this journey. I actually just realised after the conversation that I started with telling him about this project proposal. 

Shine light on the wisdom of children and collect and capture this wisdom in a book or documentary or website. Listen to them and let their wisdom move and shift the hearts of adults. And even more…connect the wisdom of all these children to each other. I see these ‘lights’ all over the world switched on once they are being listened to and voiced their wisdom and views of the world as it is.

After a few weeks I got the message that my proposal didn’t made it to the finals. But my focus was clear and certain. I will be travelling in 2015 and see how and what I will do about this idea.

And now all comes back and together since Richard connected me to a friend of his who is working on crossing borders and cultures and show the world we talk the same language. I immediately send a message and just received a message back that it’s really resonating. What’s next…..

I love to write more about the continuous unfolding of it all. And the waves of creation, feeling and the way all the dots are coming together. More to come in the next few days. 


Joy Bianca

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