Last night I happily walked out the hostel on my way to catch the night bus. It felt as a release and releaved to be on the road for Titicaca. Though Huaraz treated me with playfulness with the kids on the plaza, Tania and Shir two beautiful spirits from Colombia, Laguna 69 which I didn’t make it and above all the clarity of moving to Titicaca. 

It doesn’t only feel like travelling down to Titicaca and spend time there. The travelling, which in Peru takes time, is also symbolic for the new year and full circle of 2015. This sense of silence is filling the space inside and around me. I love the travelling, sitting in the bus and stare outside the window, but this time I would rather be at Titicaca yesterday then tomorrow. Not only because my belly is upset but I feel this excitement of going ‘home’ and the air of silence. 

Love and love

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