Titicaca and the world beneath

It’s really simple. This giant lake in Bolivia is being found on a altitude of 4000 meters. As simple as this sound today I experienced something else.

While sitting in the boat to get back to civilisation and buy some groceries and send out some messages to beloved friends and family, suddenly the impact of this special place came to the surface. After being four days on Isla del Sol and surrounded by titicaca waters I realised it as unbelievable and beyond imagination. Being out there realising that at this level people live and the existence of this lake. Even now I find it difficult to explain and probably this ‘impression’ needs integration before I can speak about it. But I will give it a try because writing creates clarity for me.

Knowing that below this level/altitude the rest of the world lives. And of course there are more places on earth. Can you imagine, living on sea level or in Hollanda below sea level, that there is a giant lake at 4000 meters. As I am writing this it sounds silly but the depth of this knowing is flowing and present. Well I am sitting here with a smile on my face and looking forward to get back on the island. 

In the Andes of Peru my body had really difficulties with the altitude. At lake titicaca on the contrary my body feels fit and strong. The altitude is the same but the effects different. As soon as I arrived my body felt like walking. Especially of the beaten tracks. Walking, walking and walking. Absorbing silence around me and cultivate silence within me. I realised the certainty I was walking with. Not only about the direction but also about the often slippery, steep or rocky track. I walked as if i knew the place. It’s the same for the colours and views. 

What on earth took me so long to get here! 

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