Journey of wisdom kicks off in 2016

This is for you who wants to skip the crap and be who you truly are.

This is for you who wants to dive into the consicious waters of life.

Journey of wisdom ~ exploring yourself by using travelling to shine light on your wisdom to bring it back ‘home’ and live it.

Journey of wisdom is an opportunity for you to explore yourself, your wisdom and the gifts you have for the world. The whole journey is relevant, from subscribing, organising your investment, meeting the group, travelling and up to eventually returning home. All the gifts you receive about your self will feed back into your family, friends, study and work.
Listening together to what is needed, where to go and what to say or do is the core of the journey because that is exactly where you can understand and express yourself. And the acknowledgement which comes forth from it. Notes that this is an ongoing 24/7 movement where there needs to be a full yes for you to dive into your purity!
If this, adventure into the unknown, is really ringing your bells then follow your intuition to be part of this. a one on one session will be part of the beginning steps to meet you where you are at.
To make the journey a little bit less unknown here is some framework for you:
– two months of preparation (weekly online meetings with the group) and two months travelling (24/7).

– minimum number of participants is 4 maximum is 6, starting from +/- 18 years old.

– investment: * Fee €2900,- * travel expenses € 2000,- – €3000,- depending on country of choice, travel style.

– * 2016 I starts 25th April *2016 II starts 21th of September

I am looking forward in meeting you.

My gift for our journey will be about creating space for you to explore in all that you are and shine light on your wisdom. Once the space is created the power of my presence and beingness is where i can meet you in your full potential, talents, purity and wisdom. In my being and listening to my own wishes I automatically and naturally am a catalyser and inspiration. On my turn I also receive new gifts and exploration during this journey and give them back to my family, friends and colleagues I work with.

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