Dolphin sessions~ listening to the gift your child or children are bringing and helping to express their gifts.

Being with the gifts your child or your children are bringing in the world is the main focus of the session. While  I am ‘being’ with them, which can be through online sessions or I can be physical be with your family for a certain period, the space for listening, meeting and seeing them opens up and the gifts can flow freely and infinitely. 

This work is part of the greater (body) work of Shelley Lemaire, . Whom I truly and deeply want to mention.

Her work and teaching has come purely through listening to and receiving the incoming soul consciousness into the body… receiving and understanding their preparation over the last 15 years… watching the evolution from their perspective, their story, each soul’s piece in the greater tapestry and role in the creation of a new world. Shelley’s work is truly unique and original, revealing the evolution of all we are, a reference point for a new reality, seen through the eyes of the incoming souls birthing here to be our children.

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