Dolphin session lyrics

I feel like a singer standing on stage. The crew is ready, the music written and composed, the audience is there. I just have to start singing…and one, two, three:

The invitation of the children and incomings is crystal clear. They want the full listening nothing other or less than that. And dive together into the conscious water of the family- and global fluid body where they already reside in unity.
‘Dolphin session is to activate pure listening to your child.’
Your child’s gift withholds a treasure for, not only them self,malso for your family(body) and the world as well. The acknowledgement of this gift opens the door for playful exploration and deep understanding of your child, family (body) and the journey which comes from within it. In the listening ‘all’ is present. The recognition, the acknowledgement, the receiving and the unfolding of the familybody.
A Dolphin session gives the whole family space to listen to the pure truth of the child(ren) from the conscious body. Everybody of the family has a gift to bring. Meeting each other in unity brings a whole new way of living, breathing and co-creating together.
The listening is an ongoing movement through and with the family body. After the session your family continues with discovering each other and the family body.
Session can be done either online or in real life. And the listening will unfold how much time the session will take and whether it’s necessary to spend psychical time with your family.

Listening together in the realized body of the work of Shelley Lemaire ( gave me so much more fine tuning and certainty in my gift:

‘I communicate with children and incoming souls to shine light on their wisdom’.

There are many forms already being created to express myself such as ‘Journey of wisdom’ and the co-created family retreats. Though the very core and focus of my work is the Dolphin session. It became very clear to me that this is not something I do for a while or just a little bit. My gift can only thrive when I dive in these conscious waters fully, dedicated and present.
I’m blessed to listen to the children and incomings. Their pure and simple communication is filling me with gratitude. They present them self in ways which are different and stunning. The dolphin energy is playful, fluid, fast and light as a feather. The information the children show is straight into the heart and sometimes doesn’t make ‘sense’ but the power behind what they are saying is beyond all I have known so far.

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