Cristal clear

As soon as I stopped trying to make a story out of yesterday’s writing (Yes, I didn’t make it #2) it became clear to me.

And I will not get into the whole process of it, explaining and sharing the feelings and experiences. At the moment it distracts me from where I am (going). Maybe later…

It’s cristal clear what my ‘journey’ is:

Shining light on the wisdom of children/youngsters and help them express them selfs and their gifts in one way or another.

And it’s cristal clear what my gift is in this ‘journey’. My gift is in perfect balance and flow like the lemniscate. It’s both matter and non-matter/energy, feeding and being fed, giving and receiving. As an example for giving and receiving: the creative energy, views and ideas about education and working with children flow easily to me (receive). That doesn’t mean I have to manifest them but I will have to share them in order for someone to pick up (give).

Being with children and listen to them both on a pshycal and spiritual (infinite) level is where they are being seen and met in their gift. Being seen and heard gives the children the space to express them selfs and bring their gift in the world. 

Listen to the creative energy, the views of lemniscation (the new education) and ideas in order to share them with the world. 

Isn’t this beautiful? It sounds as exquisite and magical music to my ears. Yiehaaaa!

I want to make clear that the beingness with children is as literal as the word being means. In order to meet them I will have to be in an infinite and limitless space. That’s when my gift thrives. For years I struggled with this gift of being and translating it to the world, because its non-matter, not touchable nor visible. Those days are over. 

This morning I wrote to a dear friend of mine that a painting may phsycially be finished but for me it feels like it is not. Image and symbol evolve and continue after the painting. Realising this makes me want to look at his paintings again with this in my mind.

It is the same with my journey and gift. Now it’s out there and visible but it will evolve and continue.

In the next writings, which probably will be today, I will share some of the movements which are coming up in 2016. 

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