Beloved child

Beloved child,

My wish for you is that all the eyes in the world are looking at you and truly see you for who you are. May all the ears in the world listen to you and deeply listen to what you have to say. May all the hearts in the world be open for you and the gift that you bring. May the talk of the day is about the beauty of the purity of your innocence. May all the light shine on you so you can show what you have got. May all the ‘effort’ in the world be for you in growing up.

Know that you are loved. Know that you are together with all the other children in the world. Know that it is you and all you are that really matters. Just know and go out there, be a child and radiate your essence.

To give the beautiful children in the picturesspace hereby their names or country, from left upto right: Love who I met in Costa Rica with parents Amy and Jorge, Elianne and Maaike Hoekstra with whom I had the pleasure to work with in following your wishes, the twins from Durban South Africa who arrived at Bobby bear I volunteered for, Peruvian boy with contagious smile, my brother Patrick, boy from Lesotho, Peruvian orphan children at a workshop with Tania, Beer a beautiful child from Liedy and girl from Bobby bear.

With so much love,


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